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   The American Meishan Breeders Association (A.M.B.A.)has launched a national effort to locate ,catalog and verify all pure examples of the Meishan pig in the United States. This is the first step in developing the A.M.B.A. pedigree herd book which will become an invaluable resource for its member breeders. We are pleased to announce  that the A.M.B.A. is now accepting candidate submissions for the A.M.B.A. National Herd book. All submitters will receive a coupon code for a free 90 day trial membership to the A.M.B.A. Should any hogs submitted earn entry (as Foundation Pure or Pure On Appearance/Grade) into the A.M.B.A Meishan herd book the submitter will receive a coupon for a free one year associates membership in the A.M.B.A. All submissions will be reviewed carefully and thoroughly. It is the intent of the A.M.B.A. that every effort should be made to establish a chain of custody of pure Meishan genetics back to one of the original research herds.Individual hogs that the A.M.B.A. census team feels exhibit a direct line to one of the three original research herd bloodlines (USDA,University of Illinois or Iowa State) will be entered into the herd book and granted “Foundation Line” status. However in cases where the census team cannot determine a clear chain of custody but the candidate hogs still indicate an extremely high confidence of purity the census team will  enter these hogs into the herd book under a “grade” status.While these  grade hogs will be entered into the herd book  they will be noted as “Pure on Appearance”(P.O.A.) only. Future generations will be tracked for their percentage of Foundation Stock lineage. Please make every effort to provide as much information for our census team as possible. Obtaining foundation stock status for your pigs may significantly increase their value and the value of their offspring. It is in the interest of every submitter to make every effort to provide as much information as possible.The A.M.B.A. also suggests that each submitter contact their source for their candidate hogs(unless it was documented to come from one of the three research facilities) and solicit their cooperation in this effort. If a link in the chain of custody is broken hogs will receive grade status. The decisions of the American Meishan Breeders Association are final and not subject to appeal.By submitting a candidate you are accepting these terms.

If you are currently breeding Meishans,if you own even just one Meishan, if you are a Zoo,if you are a University research facility or know of the location of any pigs you believe to be pure Meishan (including other Zoos or University research facilities) we encourage you to contact the A.M.B.A. If you are aware of the locations of any pure U.S. Meishan genetics we would ask that you pass that information on to the A.M.B.A. National Herd Census team or just complete the submission form on our website.  The A.M.B.A. strongly believes that every  pure Meishan Pig has a critical contribution to the genetic pool of U.S.Meishans. The A.M.B.A. also realizes that due to the small numbers and regional pockets of Meishan genetics there is a high probability that there may be a higher level of inbreeding,  in some Meishan stock ,than is advisable for the long term genetic health of the breed. However because of the  nature of the breed in the U.S. ( three genetically differentiated bloodlines,USDA, University of Illinois and Iowa Sate) there are unique opportunities  ,over time,  to potentially offset potentially  high levels of inbreeding that may have resulted in inbreeding depression.  This can be accomplished  by the exchange of genetics between current and prospective member breeders. Genetic management through an informed membership with access to an accurate pedigree herd book can prevent detrimental long term impacts on the Meishan breed due to inbreeding depression . The A.M.B.A. is currently developing a submission protocol to receive,evaluate and review any submissions of actual pigs for inclusion into the herd book. Every effort will be made to track the chain of custody of each and every submission

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