National Herd Census Submission Form


 By submitting a candidate submission form you are agreeing to the following terms:

All decisions are strictly the purview of the A.M.B.A. census team and the A.M.B.A. advisory board.

All photos and information submitted becomes the property,without restriction, of the American Meishan Breeders Association Incorporated including but not limited to the right to enter all information into the A.M.B.A. herd book and to share that information with  the A.M.B.A. membership.

By your submission you are certifying to the accuracy of the information provided.

If your original intact Meishan breeding stock is alive please enter only those that were original stock.That is do not enter offspring from your current stock that was retained.They will be entered into the herd book on a different form once your candidate hogs are approved. If any of your original stock is now deceased(and you created pure offspring using them) please enter them in the form below.  You may submit up to 10 candidate hogs per form.If you have more than 10 please submit the first 10 on one form and the next 10 (or subsequent groups of  10 ) on a another form. Please note the additional submissions in the additional comments field of each submitted form.Thank you for taking the time to contribute to the preservation of the Meishan Breed in the United States.