Registration & Transfer



  1. Only Annual or Lifetime A.M.B.A. members in good standing may register or transfer registration of a Pedigreed A.M.B.A. Certified Pure Meishan pig. Only Annual or Lifetime A.M.B.A. members in good standing may register a pig in their name and be listed as the owner or breeder in the A.M.B.A. pedigree data base.
  2. A.M.B.A. members are required to notify the A.M.B.A. via e-mail anytime they farrow a litter of piglets from two pedigreed A.M.B.A. certified pigs. That notification should include: date of farrowing, Sire and Damn including A.M.B.A. Registration Number, and number of piglets born alive. This information should be e-mailed to
  3. Once the decision has been made to retain any intact piglet for breeding or for sale as a breeder, the Member should request a pedigree for each individual piglet that will either be retained by said member’s farm for breeding or sold as breeding stock. The cost for each pedigree is currently $10 for Lifetime and Certified Breeder and $20 for all other Annual membership levels. Pedigrees should be issued prior to breeding any retained piglet, or selling and transferring any intact piglet intended for breeding to a buyer. All pigs that are to be registered must be ear tagged or ear notched. Before the transfer can be completed the buyer must be a member of the A.M.B.A. Request for replacement pedigrees receive the same pricing by membership level.
  4. A.M.B.A. members must have hard copy embossed pedigrees on hand for the sire, damn and individual piglet for sale if being sold as an A.M.B.A. certified pure Meishan Pig. These are to be available for customer review.
  5. Representing any Meishan Pig and delivering said pig, regardless of sire or damn, as “Registered with the A.M.B.A.” or “Registrable” with the A.M.B.A. without having had a hard copy pedigree issued for said pig, or prior written approval from the A.M.B.A., is a violation of the rights and responsibilities of membership in the A.M.B.A. In addition, it is a violation of the limited use of the trade and certification marks of the A.M.B.A.
  6. The hard copy pedigrees act as the only acceptable transfer document to initiate a transfer of ownership of a Pedigreed pig. They should be filled out and surrendered to the buyer once the buyer takes delivery of said pig (and not before). Cost to transfer a pedigreed pig is $20 for all Annual and Lifetime membership levels.

It is the sole responsibility of all member breeders to notify the A.M.B.A. registrar of any A.M.B.A. Certified Pure Meishan Pig (pedigree previously issued) which has been castrated, spayed, butchered or in any way been rendered incapable of breeding. The original pedigrees shall then be returned to the A.M.B.A. for destruction.


Within 60 days of taking delivery of any A.M.B.A. Certified Pure Meishan Pig the buyer shall:

  1. Have received the hard copy of the A.M.B.A. Pedigree registration and transfer form from the seller.It should be filled out accurately and completely.
  2. Have become a member in good standing (any current Annual or Lifetime membership level) in the A.M.B.A.
  3. Forward each original hard copy registration received along with a check for $20 per registration within 60 days of taking possession of said pig to:         A.M.B.A. Registrar, 4091 Bullock Bridge Road, Loganville, GA 30052. Failure to complete the above process within 60 days of taking delivery of any piglet shall result in a $55 per registration ($75 total cost) late fee per registration.
  4. Failure to comply with the above process within 6 months of transfer may result in additional fees or complete loss of transfer privileges. The final decision shall be made on a case by case basis by the A.M.B.A. Board of Directors.

To prevent confusion and pedigree database errors, pig names and farm herd prefixes can not be changed on Pedigree forms (original or subsequent issue) without A.M.B.A. Board approval. Buyers should arrange for breeder to designate buyers name of choice on original pedigree when issued whenever possible.