Terms, Conditions and

Privileges of Membership

  1. The American Meishan Breeders Association® (the Association) has established these guidelines for individuals, associations, or corporations seeking membership or who have already purchased membership (Members) in the Association. The rights terms and guidelines established herein are subject to modification by the Board of Directors (the Board) of the American Meishan Breeders Association® (A.M.B.A.®)at any time without notification.
  2. Both the Association and its members agree to work diligently and honestly in the promotion, preservation, and documentation of the Meishan breed of pig.
  3. By accepting membership Members agree to abide by and adhere to all terms of membership stated herein. They further agree that it is the Board and its designates which set and may modify the terms of Membership herein without notification. They further accept that no rights are granted to Members except those expressly stated herein.
  4. Members of the association are those individuals or groups defined as eligible (see below) by the Board who have purchased an annual or lifetime membership (Associate, Certified Breeder or Foundation Life member) from the Association. Each remains a member in good standing so long as their membership is currently paid up and they adhere to the rules of conduct defined by the Association herein and reviewable by the Board. Membership may be revoked at any time should the Board feel there is evidence that any member has violated the terms, spirit, and responsibilities of membership. The Board may determine if such revocation is with cause and is not eligible for a prorated refund of membership.
  5. Members may cancel the following memberships, Associate, Certified Breeder or Foundation Life Member at any time. Such cancellation by a member is not eligible for a prorated refund. Memberships are not eligible for refund when canceled by the Board for cause.
  6. Ownership of A.M.B.A. Certified Pure Meishan Pigs® is not a pre-requisite for membership in the Association. However, to have access to the limited use of the various certified marks owned by the association a member in good standing must own at least one intact pair of pedigreed A.M.B.A.® pigs listed in the Association Pedigree dataBase /Herd Book (Herd Book).
  7. Use of said certified marks is granted on a limited and revocable basis. Only a member as defined above in good standing may display or represent in print or verbally the Association service marks and trademarks, subject to the restrictions established by the Board, on any website, business card, product label, any documentation, social media site, or any other publication or literature not owned by the Association. This shall include any oral presentation to potential customers on the status of any pig as it relates to A.M.B.A. Registered Pure Meshan Pig® or A.M.B.A. Certified Meishan Pork®
  8. Only Certified breeder and Foundation life Members in good standing may use the “A.M.B.A. Certified Meishan Pork® “service mark if, and only if, that meat was taken from the offspring of two parents hogs who are listed as 100% foundation stock. A.M.B.A. Certified Meishan Pork® may not be the result of crossing Meishan stock listed in the Herd Book with any other breed or any other hog purported to be Meishan, or any non-pedigreed offspring of pedigreed stock if it is not listed in the Herd Book. In addition the offspring may not be the result of Artificial Insemination (AI) from any boar regardless of that boar’s registered status.
  9. Only Certified Breeders or Foundation Life Members in good standing may serve on the Associations A.M.B.A.® Breeders Council. These are volunteer positions. One breeder per region. Regions are defined by the Board. Term of service is two years with odd number region offices expiring in odd years and even number region expiring in even years. Should a Breeders Council member be unable or unwilling to continue serving the board shall appoint a replacement to serve out that term.
  10. In the case where the board seeks a vote of the membership only Certified breeder and Foundation Life members may vote and only one vote per organization or farm operation.
  11. To remain a member in good standing all Members agree to accurately report all litters which result from the breedings of Foundation Level or A.M.B.A.® registered pigs which are eligible to be entered into the herd book. This includes those litters where all piglets may be designated feeder or butcher stock. Failure to notify the A.M.B.A.® Registrar litters is grounds for revocation of membership without refund.
  12. To remain a member in good standing Members agree to file the proper transfer paperwork or to provide the buyer or recipient of the pig with an approved Pedigree transfer form any time a pig listed in the herd book or recorded on a litter registration is transferred or sold in a timely manner.
  13. To remain a member in good standing Members agree to fully participate in all herd census efforts carried out by the Board.
  14. Members agree to accurately record all breedings and to never misrepresent those breedings in any way.
  15. Members agree to limit the use of the term “pure Meishan” to those animals which qualify as A.M.B.A. Certified Pure Meishan Pigs®. Members further acknowledge this usage does not include any stock which has less than 100% percent A.M.B.A. Certified Pure Meishan Pig® genetics in its genetic profile. This shall include all advertisements(print or other media), social media, and or websites.
  16. The offspring from A.M.B.A.® registered Meishan sows which were artificially inseminated, regardless of the sire hog or its status with the A.M.B.A.®, are not recognized as stock which may be registered with the A.M.B.A, These offspring may NOT be marketed, sold, or represented as registered stock or stock that may be registered at some time in the future with the A.M.B.A.®. Further A.M.B.A. members may not market semen from registered hogs using the A.M.B.A. name logo or any registered service and trademarks owned by the A.M.B.A. Further, no member may sell semen, transfer or allow the collection of semen from an A.M.B.A. Certified Pure Meishan Pig® for the purpose of marketing it, by the member, their agents, or an unrelated third party, as semen from A.M.B.A. Registered Pure Meishan® or utilizing any trade or service mark owned by the A.M.B.A®. Any such action shall be grounds for termination of membership by any member who does so. and the Association reserves the right to seek compensatory damages in such cases
  17. Members agree to maintain management practices that allow them to identify accurately each individual hog. This shall include but not be limited to ear tagging, ear notching, or ear tattooing. In addition, members agree to maintain management practices that allow them to document which hogs have interbred. This shall include the tagging, notching, or tattooing of pigs sold as breeding stock.
  18. Members agree that they shall maintain accurate breeding records and will supply copies of those to the Association if requested. Member acknowledges that the board may refuse to register any litter if there is any indication the parentage may not be accurate. In those cases, the member may appeal and submit DNA samples to the labs at UC Davis of the parents and offspring to determine paternity. These submissions shall be done at the sole cost of the requested member. Member further agrees to provide the A.M.B.A.® board with copies of said submissions and results. All submissions become the property of the A.M.B.A.®
  19. Members seeking to obtain litter performance stars for individual hogs agree to supply the Association with any documentation requested including but not limited to notarized statements of witness and or digital photographs if requested by the Board or its designates.
  20. Members agree that all records, data, photos, and information supplied by the member to the Association become the property of the Association in perpetuity without further recourse or compensation to the member.
  21. The Association agrees to not share sell or transmit contact information about any member in good standing other than those items displayed on our website breeder locator or on affiliated websites planned in the future included but not limited to www.meishanpork.com and www.makeminemeishan.com.
  22. Members agree to hold the Association harmless for any action, modification of terms or policies enacted now or in the future by the Association. In cases where members wish to seek redress, they may appeal to the Board. The Board may its sole discretion seek the input of the Advisory board, Breeders Council or a vote of the eligible members. The results of such an appeal are final. Members agree that the laws and courts of the state of Georgia shall have jurisdiction and shall act as the sole venue in cases of litigation. In addition, if requested by the Board members, by accepting these terms, agree to submit any issues to mediation or arbitration within the State of Georgia as a final recourse in lieu of litigation for any issues related to membership in the Association
  23. Membership may be granted to individuals, individual farms, nonprofit organizations, for-profit organizations, research facilities, and government (state, local, or federal) entities. Final determination of eligibility is the sole purview of the Board or its designates.
  24. SEVERABILITY: In the event that a court of competent jurisdiction finds any term or clause in these terms and conditions of membership to be invalid, unenforceable, or illegal, the same will not have an impact on other terms or clauses in the Agreement or the entire Agreement.
  25. By purchasing any level membership from the Association the prospective member, and their assignee’s, agrees to the terms above.