Meishan Pig Research Studies


Click on the links for our library of research studies on the US Meishan breed. In addition we include general links that apply to all swine in the areas of nutrition ,disease and parasite control.Keep checking back for more studies as we are working on this project in conjunction with all three of the original research facilities.


  1. Effects of Meishan Crossbreeding on Carcass Yields   Comparison of Duroc,Meishan,Fenjing and Minzhu boars in crosses.
  2.  Effects of High Fiber in Swine Diets  Not Meishan specific but does relate to fiber levels vs feed conversion
  3. Fiber in Swine Diets   More information on how higher levels of fiber in swine diets blocks nutrient absorption
  4.  Amounts and Types of Fiber in Swine Diets and Their Effect
  5. The Taihu Pig  Swedish Paper(translated) on the Taihu Pig
  6. Inbreeding in Swine
  7. Fiber Digestibility in Meishan Pigs  Do Meishans digest fiber better than other breeds?
  8. Origin of Domestic Pigs  A rather technical paper.However the conclusion section reviews possible influence of Meishans on European breeds of swine
  9. DNA Sequencing of the Meishan Pig
  10. Genetic Basis of Prolificacy in Meishan Pigs
  11. Genetic Evolutionary History of the Meishan Pig
  12. A Comparison of Meishan and Yorkshire Gilts 
  13. The Meishan Breed– The Pigsite
  14. 1995 Study on Meishan Pigs in China     From the UN FAO
  15. Genetic Basis of Prolificacy in Meishan Pigs