Meishan Pig Pedigree Herd Book


The only online registry for Meishan pigs in the United States allows you to make informed decisions as a breeder.


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The Meishan pig is unique in that the breed was imported and genetically isolated in three distinct research herds for over 25 years. This has resulted in three genetically distinct American bloodlines of the Meishan pig. This was verified in a published study (The Blackburn Study) performed by geneticists at the USDA using DNA samples from the original importation compared to DNA samples taken approximately 15 years later.

With the help of Mountain Niche Web Services the AMBA has developed a unique herd book concept for the Meishan breed in the United States. 

As herd census submissions are approved as Foundation Stock or Grade status, they will be entered into the AMBA Herd Book.