A.M.B.A. Annual Associate Member



Annual Associate Membership



A.M.B.A. Annual Associate Membership is the most basic membership of the A.M.B.A.  It has been designed for both the casual breeder and the potential breeder wishing to research the breed. Annual Associate Members have full access to all the member access areas.O nly Breeders with this minimum level of membership (or higher) may register or transfer  Meishan Pigs listed in the A.M.B.A. herd book. Members at this level are not listed in the A.M.B.A. breeder locator.  Members at this level have access to a limited number of A.M.B.A. registered trade and certification marks not including the A.M.B.A. CERTIFIED PORK certification mark.  Members at this level may file free litter notifications. Members at this level may purchase individual pedigrees for $20 each ($10 each for Certified Breeder and Lifetime Members)This is the most economical membership for owners and breeders that produce limited litters or maintain smaller herds for personal or conservation use only. By your purchase of this product, you are acknowledging that you have read, and accept the terms, conditions, and responsibilities of membership in The American Meishan Breeders Association published on this website. Please complete an Annual Associate  Member Farm Information Form immediately before purchasing your membership. Failure to do so will delay your farm enjoying the full benefits of your membership.

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