A.M.B.A. Certified Meishan Pork Service Mark Labels - American Meishan Breeders Association

A.M.B.A. Certified Meishan Pork Service Mark Labels


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You’re all in with the Meishan and ready to set your pork apart even more.

Add our label of distinction to your cuts for that extra emphasis on quality, flavor and the uniqueness of the amazing Meishan.

Each sheet contains 36 labels that are approximately. Label is 1.77″ x  1″.

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In order to use this label, you must:

  • Be an A.M.B.A. Member in Good Standing
  • Have a Certified Breeder or Lifetime Membership Level
  • Have at least 1 actively registered Meishan breeding pair in your name
  • Complete Litter Registrations for your piglets/ pigs using this label

Piglets or feeder pigs/ barrows are not required to be registered but must be born from registered stock to use this service mark.

This mark is registered and on file for use only by the American Meishan Breeders Association and it’s members.

Your landed cost per sticker is $0.14 each. An easily added value to your retail price structure.

Placement of Label on Packaging:

  • Apply to a refrigerated product with the surface area wiped as dry as possible. It may not stick to frozen product.
  • Do Not cover up your processor/ origin label information.
  • Place sticker in a separate area from other label so as not to cover up your processors information, including product name and safe handling instructions.
  • Brag away!