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Meishan Piglets to Meishan Pork The Business of Conservation

Meishan Pork

Announcing the new Members Only Newsletter of the A.M.B.A.® -“Meishan Piglets to Meishan Pork Chops” In the course of any month we here at the American Meishan Breeders Association®field a lot of questions about Meishan Pigs. Most concern their rare critically endangered status. Many people are eager to learn more about raising the breed because[…]

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The A.M.B.A. and COI…Is it a tool or a goal?

There is an old joke among farmers. The newbie farmer asks the grizzled veteran farmer:  “What is the difference between line breeding and inbreeding?”. To which the grizzled veteran farmer replies “Line breeding is when I do it. Inbreeding is when you do it.” In all animal husbandry (including the breeding of livestock) one of[…]

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American Meishan Breeders Association- A Progress Report

It is always valuable in any new endeavor to pause and take stock of the progress made.  As we enter the summer of  2018 I think it’s a good time to review the growth, success’s and the work still required of the American Meishan Breeders Association. To frame our progress it is important to remember[…]

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How Big? How Fast? How Many?

 There are three important questions whose answers will definitely impact the future of the Meishan breed and the work of this organization and its breeders.  They are as follows. 1. How Big? That is what is the expected size of a genetically healthy and  pure adult Meishan? 2. How fast? What is the expected growth[…]

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The First Candle on The Cake

I would like to welcome everybody, members and non members, to the initial edition of “The Presidents Desk”. This shall serve as a way to keep our members and non-member followers of the Meishan breed apprised of our progress as we work towards our goals as defined in our mission statement. The American Meishan Breeders[…]